Tales Of Wifehood Episode 1 (Love Story)

Tales Of Wifehood Episode 1 (Love Story)

It was the 19th of February 2005, somewhere on the mainland, Ikeja to be precise, there i was in our moderately furnished living room consoling my mom. What had happened? Well she just lost her husband and i just lost my father, i was all she had left being the only child. It will be selfish of me to say that i was blessed being the only child because the resources that could or should have been shared among many was for me only. You see my father wasn't really a rich man, he was comfortable, he came from very humble beginnings but he proposed in his heart to give his family the best.

Nothing was handed down to him, he worked tirelessly to make something out of nothing for himself, his beginning was so rough, you can imagine inheriting a loan to kick off in life, i don't know much about my grand dad, but all i know was that he died in debt which was transferred to my dad. So how's that for an inheritance, i could imagine that was the turning point in my dad's life, that right there gave him all the motivation he needed to make it in life.

Growing up i watched my father climb the ladder of success in the corporate world, i am grateful to God because i never lacked any thing good right from the day i was born up until now. I wouldn't say we were wealthy but i mingled with the wealthy by virtue of the schools i attended, my dad's place in the corporate world gave me access to the life of affluence

He was never around as he was always hopping from one country to another on official assignments, he was at the helm of multinational company. To cover up for his absence he made sure we never lacked any material thing, so as little as i was i had been exposed to the finer things in life. Reality is, it is never really about money, i had friends who were not really comfortable but there was love and harmony in their homes.

But i was still grateful, only thing i regret now was i never got to learn much about men from the only man i knew, you see, growing up i never heard or saw my mom complain about my dad, so automatically i grew to believe that a and mother never complained, so i was determined to be like her, little did i know. Omo de ara mi...

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Oh! my name is Temitope Banishe, slim built, tall, dark with firm breasts and a lovely backside to die for, i wouldn't say am dark though, brown sort of, i am not dark and not fair either. I had just finished my A levels at Oxbridge Tutorial College at GRA Ikeja, it was a blast, remember i told you before that i had the opportunity to mingle with the elites of this great country, well this was one of such places, oh really this was the pinnacle, i will spare you the details but this was the place where i really rubbed shoulders with the so called elites who were just regular people like you and i with even more issues than you can imagine, i don't even want to go there, perhaps some other time.

Toyosi Daramola my crazy ass friend, i think i am the quiet one, have always been about my business, always not wanting to be noticed, silent, laid back and sometimes nonchalant but when i do need to make a fuss you don't want to stand in my way. They say the quiet ones are often the most craziest, well i can attest to that, but Toyosi is my evil twin loud, brash, all up in your face, fearless, aggressive and witty but in the end when things gets real she pipes down and disappears, so to say all noise no action LOL. But i her though, she knows how to get things started while i know how to finish, that's what makes us a team.

We been friends since like forever, she lives down the street, although she lost her Dad at a very younger age, so it's just herself her older brother and her lovely wonderful mom. Unlike me Toyosi was born into money, but her mom made sure she stayed grounded and humble. One of such reasons why she choose not to move from the house her husband built by himself, he was from a wealthy family, with houses scattered all over the choice places of Lagos. He could or infact he was given the luxury of choosing any house he desired, but he wanted to do something for himself, to be honest, having everything handed down to you can be less fulfilling.

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Toyosi and i started far back as primary school and now we were on our way to the United Kingdom for our university education, after so much deliberation and research we decided to go with London Metropolitan University which was situated in the heart of London. It was my first time out of the country so i was excited, but for Toyosi it wasn't her first time so she felt indifferent, but i would say she was happy though because she was going away with me for the next 3 years at least.

Giggling with excitement after our travel agent just told me on the phone that he had secured our flight ticket with KLM and that there would be a stop over at Schiphol Airport one of the best airports in Europe, he went on and on, like he was trying to get us to buy something else. LOL. Just kidding, guess he was just excited about his job. We were leaving in a week time. OMG i was so thrilled, always dreamt of this and now it was finally here




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Tales Of Wifehood Episode 1 (Love Story)

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Tales Of Wifehood Episode 1 (Love Story)Tales Of Wifehood Episode 1 (Love Story)Tales Of Wifehood Episode 1 (Love Story)Tales Of Wifehood Episode 1 (Love Story)

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