Love By The Beach Episode 2 (Love Story)

Love By The Beach Episode 2 (Love Story)Mondays are strenuous for those who worked at banks, people came with all kinds of complaints, most of so ridiculous they made your head ache. Elizabeth faced most Mondays with a huge cup of coffee, black, and a straight face that told those around her she didn’t care for frivolities. This Monday, three days after she had taken the lovely walk with Donald she was beaming, she wore a well-tailored black skirt suit and red wedge shoe. Her best friend Uju who she shared an office with raised her brows when she came in, like everyone who had seen Elizabeth that morning she was surprised at her mood.

“Very few things get you this giddy, Liz” Uju said as Elizabeth sat at her desk and removed her suit jacket.

The office they shared was big enough to comfortably house six more staffs, they both had big Mahogany desks, beautifully constructed shelves for client documents as they were both account officers. Uju had opted for the desk close to the window because she liked to look around while she worked.

“And they are?” Elizabeth retorted

“Number one should be morning sex, number two a very big account, but it is Monday and you just got in so I doubt that, number three, and this I am rooting for, you finally got over that excuse of an ex and found someone.”

Elizabeth turned in her chair to face Uju “He is amazing,” she said grinning all through “I think he is the one.”

Obviously curious Uju said “You have to tell me everything, leave nothing out. I knew something was up when you left the party on Friday, Tope kept looking for you. So give me the details!! Is he hot? I know he’s dark-skinned.”

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“I woke up this morning with a fat smile; I have every day since Friday. When I think of love I had always assumed it takes time, but it happened almost immediately and I could not help it. I feel like a deaf person finally capable of hearing and the first music playing is by Bon Jovi. I want this, Uju. I want to be vulnerable with him, I want to be completely myself, I want him to see me.”

“You are happy but I don’t want you getting ahead of yourself, do you think he feels the same way? And you’re still not telling me how hot he is.”

“I can’t be certain but I think he does, his smile when he looks at me. His texts and enquiries, our first date is on Saturday at the national museum. And yes, he is very hot”

“Don’t stop now, how did you meet? Tell me everything”


While Elizabeth told Uju all she knew about him, Donald perused the punch newspaper he held and hummed the tune of Davido’s fall off mindedly and occasionally tapped his desk. Like most Nigerians the journalism in the papers irritated him, they were almost always poorly written, pages were taken for ridiculous advertisements and the days when comics in the papers entertained are long gone but because it was a slow work day with his boss taking most of the work off his hands he had picked the paper from the front desk.

As a Web and App developer his mind was usually filled with ideas for developments, how to update apps or make them more user friendly. But all day he had been thinking of Elizabeth, wanted the days before Saturday ending so fast while Saturday goes on forever. He considered getting her flowers, having them delivered to her office but it was a gesture so cliché he shrugged it off just as it crossed his mind.

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He got up from his seat, dropped the newspaper to pace his small office. His smile replaced with a frown.

Am I being overly optimistic?” “What happens if she changes her mind?” “Can I be certain she likes me?

Trying to change his gloomy thoughts he reached into the left pocket of his cotton pants for his phone and looked at pictures of Liz, most of them she has sent on Saturday. He smiled and composed a text to her. It read: At work, but I can’t stop thinking about you.

Satisfied, he walked back to his seat.



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Love By The Beach Episode 2 (Love Story)

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Love By The Beach Episode 2 (Love Story)Love By The Beach Episode 2 (Love Story)Love By The Beach Episode 2 (Love Story)Love By The Beach Episode 2 (Love Story)

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