SMS You Can Send To Wish Your Family & Loved Ones Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Messages

Wish your loved ones, family and friends happy birthday wishes by sending them these messages or happy birthday images, it only happens once a year to them, so make it memorable

Happy Birthday SMS

  • You are a year older today, much stronger, wiser, healthier and wealthier, i wish that and many more for you in years to come
  • Happy birthday, wish you many more prosperous and fulfilling years ahead of you
  • It's your birthday today, it's a special day, it's a blessed day, it's a memorable day for you. Happy Birthday
  • Happy birthday to you on such a fantastic and splendid day
  • Today is the day God sent you to earth, so i pray this day that you fulfill the purpose which he created you for on earth. Happy Birthday
  • Hip Hip Hip Hooray!!! You are a year older today, may you grow old in strength and grace in Jesus name. Amen
  • The world received a special guest on this particular and guess who that was? You, so on this day you are always welcome
  • God put you on this earth for a particular reason, always remember that, but today you are permitted to have fun because it's your day. Where is the cake? Let's eat
  • A toast to you, may life always have something great to toast to about you even when you are gone
  • Funny how this is a day no one can take from you, it is imprinted in your DNA

Lovely Birthday SMS

  • I wish you a lovely birthday, you will live longer, stronger, healthier and wealthier. Happy birthday
  • Today is a special day because it's your birthday, so that makes you very special. Happy Birthday
  • Today above all days, you are blessed and highly lifted up. Happy Birthday
  • The best thing that could have ever happened to you was that you were born today. Happy Birthday
  • This particular day a talent so great was unleashed on earth to be a force to reckon with, yes you, it's your birthday
  • Today the day stood still because you were introduced into the world to be a source of joy and inspiration, so today let me be your source of joy and inspiration.
  • Happy birthday to you my sunlight because you brighten my day always
  • Happy birthday to you mom, thanks for always being there for me despite my rebellion and rude attitude, only you could have put up with me
  • Happy birthday to you precious, promise to never leave your side ever

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