Cute Text Messages For Her To Wake Up To

Cute Text Messages For Her To Wake Up To

When a girl or woman wakes up, in the morning after her prayers if she is the God fearing type, the first person she will like to hear from or at least read from his her man. Women are emotional creatures and are moved by what they hear, words move them better than anything else, that is why men who know how to sweet talk always have them crawling all over him because he knows and says what they always want to hear.

Men on the other hand are moved by what they see, in order to strengthen a bond with a woman, its a good practice to always reinforce how you feel about her by expressing them in words and one way to do that is through Text messages. Here are some cute for her to wake to from you

    • Am off to sleep now, i had to stay away to protect you while you slept all through the night
    • I watched you sleep all night and it was the most beautiful thing i ever experienced
    • You are even more beautiful while you sleep, the way you fold up and let go of all the worries around, it has forever changed me positively
    • You were as silent and tender as a teddy bear while you slept last night, i couldn't help but cuddle you all night
    • I want to be the one you think about all through today
    • I can't wait to get up in the morning because the thought of you gets me going, it's all i need to get through the day. Good morning love
    • I will wake up and walk a thousand miles just to get to you if and when i have, because you mean the world to me
    • Who needs a cup of coffee when i have you to invigorate and energize me
    • Am captivated by you every time i see you, it's like i see a never ending side of you each time and it is addictive, i just can't get enough
    • It will be justified if i get locked up in a mental home because of my for you, truly you make me mental but in a good way
    • You are my multi vitamin pills, you give me all the vitamins and nutrients i need, i will keep stocking you up
    • I will literally worship the ground you walk on
    • All other girls try so hard to feel good, but you do it effortlessly, guess they do not know that you were born with it
  • I have pictured the lovely children you would give me, they will be oh so lovely and cute, treasure from up above, because you were sent from up above
  • I prayed to God for an angel and he sent you my way, now i feel God actually gave me what i needed not what i wanted, and am so happy he did
  • The world is overrated, various things make different people thick, all i need in this world is you.
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Cute Text Messages For Her To Wake Up To

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Cute Text Messages For Her To Wake Up ToCute Text Messages For Her To Wake Up ToCute Text Messages For Her To Wake Up ToCute Text Messages For Her To Wake Up To

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