You Are My Queen Quotes

You Are My Queen Quotes

Every king needs a queen, without a queen the kingdom cannot be complete, a queen even in chess game is more powerful than a king, this goes to show the importance of a queen. They say behind every successful man is a woman, so behind every reigning king is a queen

You Are My Queen Quotes

  • My queen, my assistant, my side kick, my adviser, my counselor, my backbone, my best friend, my lover, my partner, my mitigator, my facilitator, my manager, my companion, my alibi, my all in all
  • You know how to hold down my kingdom because you were born to reign as a queen
  • Any time you are around i feel at ease and calm because you always know just what to do, you were born to rule
  • You are the queen of my heart, you rule the affairs of my heart, am at your mercy
  • No one can ever take your place because you have been ordained as the queen of my heart
  • A king cannot have two queens, just one, so you are my queen, any other is a subject
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You Are A Queen Quotes

  • Everyone admires and adores you, that’s because they see a queen in you like i see
  • U are a shinning star, a dime in a dozen, a diamond in the rut and most importantly a queen among queens
  • A queen is one who stays in background to do all it takes for her king to succeed and never tries to take the glory
  • The glory of a woman is her man, the glory of a king is his queen, you are my glory
  • A queen is built to support a king, and you do it so well, you are living up to your purpose
  • People always wonder how you move and do things so effortlessly and graciously, i guess they don’t know it’s because you are a queen
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Enjoy This Good Night My Queen Song From Paul Gones

You Are My Queen Quotes

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You Are My Queen QuotesYou Are My Queen QuotesYou Are My Queen QuotesYou Are My Queen Quotes

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