Send These Loving You Messages To Your Lover Now


Loving You Message

Loving You is all i ever want to do, it makes me feel alive, needed and special, loving you beats every other feeling and it’s the best. Feel like that? Why not send these Loving You Messages to your lover so he or she can know exactly how you feel about them

Loving You Message

  • You take away my attention whenever i am with you, everything else ceases to exist, that’s what loving you does to me
  • Loving you is so simple, simplicity is far more sophisticated, what we share is simple but yet extra-ordinary
  • Loving you will be the death of me, because i can’t stop thinking about you every minute
  • Who is going to love and touch you like me, you always say you want to be good, but when you are around me you lose your composure
  • Loving you is all i live for, take that away from me and i have nothing else to live for
  • Loving you looks like magic, because i see nobody else but you
  • Loving you has made me perfect, better, focused, important and great
  • Loving you is food to my soul

Loving You Text Message

  • If you are feeling sick, here is my prescription, 2 teaspoons of my loving 3 times daily
  • Loving you has got me thinking it’s time for to take up responsibilities and be liable to you
  • I will always be there for you, because my love for you has no shame, loving you is all i have
  • Loving you has made me forgotten about all the broken hearts i ever had, best feeling ever

Loving You SMS

  • Loving you makes me complete, without your love, i feel empty
  • Loving you has given me a different perspective about life, i am glad i found you
  • I bless the day i met you, because you made loving you easy and fun for me, now my life is so much fun and easy to live

Loving You Text Message for Her

  • If loving you is wrong, then i don’t ever want to be right or corrected
  • If loving you is a crime then i will gladly do time for it with pleasure
  • Loving you is good for me, based on my doctors recommendation
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