I Love You My King Quotes

I Love You My King Quotes

My King Quotes

  • My crown king, my jewel, my love, my heart, my soul, thank you for making me your queen
  • My king, ruler over the affairs of my heart and my home, lead me in the way to go and i will follow
  • It’s an honour to rule by your side my king
  • You are the glory of my head, without you am no one special
  • A king cannot rule without his queen, so am dedicated to you my king
  • A king’s heart is large because he loves his people, am blessed to be among the closest to your big heart

Good Morning My King Quotes

  • Rise and shine my king, it’s a great day today in your kingdom
  • The lilies and birds sing of your glory early in the morning and i can testify to that
  • I have made it my duty to be up by your side whenever your servants are present to usher you up when you wake up

I Love My King Quotes

  • I love my king with all my heart and soul, without him am nothing, he made me his right hand and am forever greatful
  • I love my king because he cannot rule without me, he needs me as much as i need him to run his kingdom, that’s how much i love my king
  • My king knows how to treat me like the queen that i am, that’s why am so in love with my king
  • Most people will only love you for your title, but i love you for who you are my king, my lord, my heart, my treasure, my life
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Waiting For My King Quotes

  • My king i await you in our chambers patiently as you attend to matters of the kingdom to attend to matters of my heart
  • No matter how long it takes i will wait for you my king, because am the second most important thing to you after your kingdom
  • Even when your kingdom turns against you, i will be waiting for you my king, i will by your side when you fight for what belongs to you

I Love You My King

  • I love you my king because you treat me with respect the same way you treat your kingdom
  • I am going to give you the prince and princess that you desire because i love you queen, i know it will bring you the utmost joy
  • You bring me utmost joy, uncomprehending, unequivocal and unparalleled, that’s why i love you my king
  • I will lay down my life for you to prove my love for you, you mean more than any challenge or treasure
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I Love You My King Quotes

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I Love You My King QuotesI Love You My King QuotesI Love You My King QuotesI Love You My King Quotes

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