Love Songs (Editors Choice)

James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go


Jah Cure – Unconditional Love


Shawn Mendes – Mercy


Ed Sheeran – Perfect


Etta James – I’ll Rather Go Blind (Beyonce Cover)

Love Story

House By The Beach Love Affair Written by Bakemono
Love story about Donald who has a phobia for the beach after an incident that happened to his mom & Elizabeth who lives by the beach in search of love. MUST READ!!

LoveLove Messages For Your Lover

1. I don’t think i can ever love anyone else the way i love you, you make loving you so easy

2. Love is just a four letter word to most people, but to me it is bigger than life itself, without love life is meaningless, so without you in my life, my life would be meaningless

3. I will love you till your head turns gray or white, that’s my promise to you

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Send These Love Text Messages

1. Loving you has ultimately brought out the best in me and i am eternally grateful for that

2. Every time i see you, fireworks go off in my head, its such an invigorating feeling

3. With you by my side, i feel like i can take on the whole world, that’s how much your love inspires me

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Loving You Message

1. Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me, am much happier and everyone around me says it too

2. Loving you makes me feel so high that i could touch the sky sometimes

3. Loving you is healthy for me, i want to live long so i will continue loving you until i die

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Romantic Text Message

1. I want to feel your body next to mine, i want to feel your warmth embrace, i want to feel your breathe all over mine

2. I do not need to be turned on by foreplay, mere looking at you turns me on

3. I want to feel your lips on mine, your breast on my chest and your waist on mine, i want to feel all of you

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Happy Birthday Messages

1. Happy birthday to you with love and wishes of a long prosperous and fulfilling life ahead of you

2. You only spend one birthday once, so make the best of this one, today go all out, reach for heights you never imagines, take steps you were once afraid of. Happy Birthday

3. I blow you these happy birthday kisses and i throw in a warm hug as well, live out the rest of of your years in love, joy and harmony, those are my wishes for you

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Love SMS

1. Love makes the world go round, you certainly make my world go round because you are my love

2. Love brings out the best in people, you have a sweet and gentle way of making me want to do my best

3. Love can make a man do things he might not necessarily do, now you know why i do the things i do

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LoveGood Morning Love SMS

1. Good morning sunshine, it’s a beautiful day today because you are in my life and i am in your life

2. You are as beautiful as the early rising sun, i look forward to seeing you everyday to brighten up my day

3. I always look forward to waking up in the morning to see your pretty face, the best time to see a woman’s beauty is when she wakes up in the morning

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Sweet Romantic SMS

1. I use to hear people say i can’t live, eat or sleep without you, i never thought it would happen to me, i can’t help myself, i feel the same way about you

2. Your touch makes blood flow from the top of my head to the slow of my feet

3. When you smile at me, i feel a tsunami of adrenaline all over my body, so mind blowing

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Motivational SMS

1. The moment you realize your shortcomings and own up to them, then you start making a conscious effort to become a better person.

2. Dwelling on your weaknesses only makes them stronger because you become what you focus on, so dwell on your strengths instead

3. When all else seems to fail you and it seems like everyone around has deserted you, just look up to the heavens to your creator, he will send help from above to pull you up

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Love Quotes

1. Love most times is about sacrificing your well being or comfort for another person

2. True love always has a way of coming back no matter how far and how long it takes

3. You will know you are in love when you can just sit back and relax with your partner and have no worries, stress or pressures whatsoever and differences in opinions are just merely debates or respectful arguments

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